Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of the Year Anxiety

I just watched my smallest child hop up the bus stairs on the last day of his kindergarten year. I don't know if I want to jump for joy, screaming the lyrics to Alice Cooper's School's Out, or look apprehensively toward the start of next year which is only a few short months away.

Next year should be good for the Goofy One, they picked the perfect teacher (or so they say, we shall see) to fit his needs and his personality and I got that letter I told you about yesterday. The Letter. The one that shocked the hell out of me, made me cry, and had me screaming the news from the rooftops?
"The *** School District offers supplemental reading services for children in grades 1-5. Based on your child's progress in literacy development in kindergarten, I am recommending at the beginning of 1st grade Goofy be screened for supplemental reading services."
 Yeah. That. :D

But then I got an e-mail from the middle school principal. An end of the year e-mail. That congratulated people who are moving on. Including the Mystery Man. You know what that means, right? New Vice Principals. Maybe 2 of them. Just saying that starts this ball of panic in my chest. Whew. breathing. Ok, breathing. *woosah*

My freak out last night...
"GAHHHHHHH!!!! My Mystery Man got a freaking promotion!!!! Now we have to have TWO new vice principals!!!!! NEXT YEAR IS GOING TO SUCK!!! I think I might be having a heart attack. oh, wait, that just school administration RIPPING MY HEART OUT!!!!"
Now multiply that by 3!  

This worries me for the Middle School because the Mystery man is the only one I have ever dealt with and that even that was against my will. I don't know anyone else there. I've had small waving conversations with the principal but that's just, you know, waving.

and it worries me with the Elementary because now I am eyeing them suspiciously. Who else are they going to change? Who are these people I am supposed to be working with? The Mystery Man ended up being AWESOME, can they top that? The last VP was silent and the one before that was... rough years with the school.

and it worries me with Alex's school because I'm already on the edge of insanity, who's going to change there!? Oh, God, I can't take any more new people, I just can't. I'm still waiting for news on the teacher, he's supposed to have the same one next year but I won't find out until the welcome letters come out in August or so. Everybody, start praying! Pray hard! Please.

But then again, look how this year turned out... ...ok, this year turned out pretty crappy for everyone but Alex.

Oh, Lord, have mercy. IEPs. IEPs and evaluations and doctors. another year of being the Goofy Child's psychotic pain in the ass of a mother. I read somewhere (in IDEA) last night that what they are requesting- the screening- is not the same as an evaluation so after they do their screening and find out the Goofy One can't read, I have to re-request evaluation for SSD services which wasn't supposed to happen until after the first report card but... *shrugs*

The good news is, I'm not supposed to have to worry about Alex. He has a great teacher, a good IEP, good staff....everything is good with him and should mostly stay the same which leaves me to freak in peace on the Goofy One.

Does anyone else get a head start on the beginning of the year freak outs? Please?


  1. Deep cleansing breaths...You have a lot on your plate, but I hope the next school year isn't as stressful as you fear it might be.

  2. Yes, I'm trying to hold off until school actually finishes next week. Princess will be starting middle school next year. This was her first year back in a mainstream public school class so I'm freaking out with how she will do next year. Bug is going to be in his first full year of mainstream 5th grade next year so that is another panic and don't get me started on the other 4 littles...and of course the lack of communication from their father on every part so I have to investigate everything on my own...yeah let the panic and freak out begin.

    1. I really hate that my avatar/profile pic turns out like this...ughgh!!! Sorry - had to vent