Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alex's Birthday Party at the BounceU: Room2

After Room 1, we went to Room 2...
The second room wasn't as Alex friendly as the first. The equipment was mostly developmentally-older than Alex. And, yes, the Grandbaby (at not quite 2) can do things Alex can't. She's actually quite clever and determined. whew, buddy, is that girl determined. Anyway,

See? Determined. She is going up that wall, she is sliding down that slide and no one is going to stop her. If the other girls can do it, then, damnit, so can she!

and she did :)

Alex liked the tube but there was no way, no way, anyone was getting him on that slide.

He'd rather bounce around in the boxing ring.
They had more games in this room, like I said, most of them Alex couldn't do, but the other kids loved them.

He did like to wander around the bottom of this one and kept running behind it...

The girls loved the fact that the air kept the ball up- that was so cool!
and trying to hit it with a bat? so fun.

(wrong way, girl!)

(wrong end, girl!)
after 30 minutes in Room 1, partially through this room Alex started getting a little upset. A lot of it had to do with the insane amount of noise. Aside from the laughing and screams coming from way too much ADHD in one room, all of the equipment had motors humming (loudly) to keep them blown up. To drown out all of that noise, the stereo was blasting high energy songs like this one. But Alex didn't want a break, he wanted to be more ADHD, not so much autistic today. So, I let him. His party, right? Let the boy run wild with his hyperactivity and loud screams. but... I sure was glad that there was a 30 minute limit.

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