Friday, May 17, 2013

Alex's Birthday Party at the BounceU Room 3 and Home

After an hour of literal bouncing off the walls (posts 1 and 2) and the vicious assault on our hearing, the blessed silence of the party room was a welcome relief.
In the goody bags (8 freaking goody bags) there were clapping hands. 8 clapping hands.
The clapping hands were a big hit. all 8 of them. and 7 came home with me.
I would really like to thank BounceU for handing them out.
Not really. FU, BounceU! I freaking hate you, you sadistic SOB!

In addition to clapping hands, the Birthday Kids get to choose from a treasure chest.
The treasure chest has many, many awesome things in it.
for kids who don't have Alex's extremely limited interests. (There are some sensory friendly toys) 
I chose a ball for Alex because it was the only thing he could play with.
Unfortunately, they were out.
So, we got the T-shirt.

It was close to 7 before we got home.

'nough said.
The other kids, though pleasantly tired from the effort put in to act like they were hyped up on a cross between Red Bull and sugar, were totally ready to play some more.

and then they all crashed.

This was the best birthday party Alex has ever had :)


  1. I like your fancy photoshop work, obscuring the worker's face in that first pic. ;) Good to hear it went well!

  2. I LOVE me some clapping hands!

    Looks like it was a BLAST.

  3. what is he hooked up to while lying in bed? some sort of harness? just curious. looks like fun!

    1. It is his e-z on vest for car rides. He didn't give me a chance to take anything off before he put himself to bed, lol