Monday, April 29, 2013

Who are you to judge me?

You call ableism, privilege. I call bullshit or say you're right, depending on who you are, and invite you to read my blog.

You call bigotry, I call bullshit.

You say that I am a crappy parent, a lousy advocate. I say that you are right and invite you to read my blog.

You say I don't have the right to be a voice for autism, you say I shouldn't be the voice for my child. I say you are right. I am my own voice, I am my son's translator, and I invite you to read my blog.

You can say nothing about me that I haven't already said myself.

You can't touch me.

You don't have the power to silence me.

You don't have the influence to change me.

You don't have the authority to dictate my life.

Your opinion does not matter to me.

You are nobody.

You are a stranger judging what you don't know and like that stranger, I will walk away from you knowing that your actions are a reflection of yourself- not me.

I will walk away knowing that you are a fleeting thought that has no power over me.

Only I do.


  1. Love it! We all need to have this attitude. I think it develops over time when you're a special needs parent :)

  2. each person deserves to have their voice and to have it heard.. quite honestly, at this time - you *are* your sons voice until you can assist him in becoming his own voice. that's what we do as parents, regardless of neurology.

  3. What Jen said.

    I have a tendency to really let the things people say about me/to me to impact me. In a way it's good. I'm receptive to criticism, I'm open to change, but I also am my daughter's parent, not just some dude advocating for her rights.

  4. I think a few of us were on the same page today. Well said, so very well said.

  5. So true! People's actions ARE a reflection of themselves. It has NOTHING to do with us.