Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Autistic Bloggers...

I shared with you my list of my favorite autistic bloggers and asked you what some of yours are. This is the list you gave me.

***disclaimer: I haven't read all of them, which means I am not familiar with all of them so I, personally, can't recommend these blogs but you all do.

I can say that there are a few people on the list that I am not comfortable reading or sending parents dealing with a new diagnosis to and that not every blog fits every reader, if you've been around the parenting section of the community for any length of time, you will know this to be true. But I also didn't feel comfortable leaving them off of the list because not all of my readers are overly sensitive like I am or new parents just trying to find their footing and there are some people here who do need to hear what they have to say. 

I can tell you that some of the posts you will be reading will be hard to read emotionally and that there will be many times you question yourself in reading these blogs, sometimes you will take things to heart that you do not need to and other times that you hurt because you do need to take them to heart.

Each and every one of these people have a message and whether they are "right" in their delivery is not for me to decide or for me to say. All you can do is try it out, if you don't like it, don't read it. That's what I do.

These bloggers write their reality as autistic people. Someone else's reality is just that- their reality. The things they say are true, even if it is not your reality. Whether they are relevant for you or for your child is up to you to figure out but each and every one of these people have a valid message to share with someone. They have a reality that someone needs to see.

I do not like the line drawn between parenting blogs and self-advocate blogs but whether I think it should be there or not, it is and it needs to be respected. Every person, autistic or allistic, needs to be treated with respect. Especially in their own spaces. When I am in the self-advocate spaces, I don't comment. But, I don't leave comments in parenting spaces either. I listen. I'm an observer more than anything. I watch, listen, observe and apply what I learn to Alex when it fits.

One thing I strongly recommend is for everyone to read Shaping Clay's post Not Every Comment Box is For You before participating anywhere. Ignore that suggestion at your own peril.***

  1. The Third Glance
  2. Lynne Soraya
  3. Julia Bascom
  4. Yes, That Too 
  5. Autistic Hoya
  6. The Caffeinated Autistic
  7. Paula C. Durbin-Westby
  8. Amy Sequenzia is on: Autism Women's Network and Ollibean.
  9. Aspie Rhetor
  10. Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
  11. It's Bridget's Word
  12. Jessica Banks
  13. Textual Fury
  14. Amanda Forest Vivian
  15. Frank Louis Allen



  1. I like the way you explained this list, Mac. There are a few blogs here I haven't visited, so it will be good to visit. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Dixie! I hope you will find some you love.