Friday, April 12, 2013

Guest Post: A Poem by Scott Lentine Just a Normal Day

Scott is  a 25 year old man with high-functioning autism (PDD-NOS/Asperger’s) from Billerica, MA. You can find Scott blogging at Scott Lentine.
Just a Normal Day
Never knowing what to say

Never knowing what to do

Always looking for clues

Just a normal day

Feeling unsure

Totally perplexed with everyday life

Always on edge never certain

I wish I could lift this curtain

Needing to constantly satisfy my need for information

Always online searching for new revelations

Going from site to site

Obtaining new insights every night

Trying to connect with people my age

Attempting to reveal my unique vision

But ending up alone and unengaged

Feeling like my life needs a total revision

Just a normal day


  1. Lovely poem. It seems that the difficulty with an ASD is quite common, yet very different.

  2. Great poem! Reminds me of my son's normal day.