Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter in the park with Alex

Sunday, we went to a gathering at the park to celebrate Easter with my father's family. It started out as it usually does- a friggin mess. We were invited and we were going but then things worked out to where we couldn't go so we weren't going until my husband woke me up two hours before we were supposed to be there to tell me we were going. Ensuing chaos. You know what it takes to pack these heathens up and to get them following directions to getting ready because you have some of your own... or maybe yours are well behaved but still the same getting ready.

First, I can't just hop out of bed and do what you want me to do because I will probably rip your head off for even suggesting it. I need coffee. alone. The only time I can jump out of bed, down half a cup in one swallow and take off at a dead run is when Alex's bus will be here in 20 minutes. Which is Monday through Friday. not Sunday. By the time I'm done with that, we have 90 minutes.

I have to have a shower because my 2 day old pj's and seriously greasy hair are not something that should ever see the outside world. except bus drivers. because they don't count. I like to believe they don't notice what you wear, if you have make-up on, or if you've brushed your hair this week. They only have eyes for the road. 70 minutes.

Alex's DVD player is broke, which is fine. The boy doesn't need to have his face stuck in a TV-like-device 24/7. Except, have I mentioned bolting? wandering? no sense of danger? or that we're going to a park that has both a pond and a creek? I need to find things that will interest Alex. That's a short list. I packed all of his rubber duckies, teething rings, balls, and a few cars for just in case he might be interested in them today and then slipped the Ace up my sleeve- an entire box of Apple Jacks. 40 minutes.

The Goofy one is not getting dressed because his filthy little self is fine and doesn't need to get dressed because look, he has his dress on! So, fine. whatever.

We're down to 30 minutes and my husband decides he doesn't have enough Salsa for his special dip and must run to the store right up the street and he will be right back. My brother and I packed what we could and then sat around twiddling our thumbs waiting for my husband who should have been back 30 minutes ago. and we are now late.

He finally comes home, we pack the van and decide- once we are already late- that we are taking the grandbaby with us. So, we need to make phone calls and wait around some more.

At an hour late, we finally get the girl and head for the park... I let my husband know that this is why I have to plan everything in advance. My aunt says, "We make plans and God laughs." as if it doesn't matter what I plan because things have a way of going wrong anyway so you should just relax and take it in stride... oh, wait... that's true. Is this woman ever wrong!?

All of the boys had a great time at the park. This year Alex decided he actually liked people. Especially Uncle L, because he could climb in his lap and cuddle. Cousin L, because he didn't get mad when Alex threw his glass at him and splattered sticky orange soda all over him and everything around him. Cousin C, because she thought it was funny as hell. He loved loving on Aunt M, and tried to climb in her lap... he said Aunt S's name before we left (True story! The boy who doesn't even name all of his siblings!). Cousin J gave him the giggles - he thought it was freaking hilarious that Alex squeezed someone else's juice box all over me, while I was trying to prevent that exact thing from happening. He especially loved Uncle A, although I have to wonder how much Uncle A's dog and Uncle A letting him pet the dog had to do with that. And, I loved that Aunt J saw that Alex smiles with his eyes even when he doesn't smile with his lips.

Everyone waited to follow his lead. They said "Hi" (and by "they", I mean every single person who stopped by our table throughout the day) and waited for him to initiate any sort of touching, made sure he knew he was loved but not the in your face kind. and, I have to brag a little here, they all made eye contact, said "Hi, Alex." and waited patiently for a response and took no offense if he did not to respond. and Alex, well, he was free as the wind... he came and went as he pleased. Sitting when he was ready to sit, running when he was ready to run... as long as he was in arm's reach and mom wasn't paying attention to someone else... and no one got upset in the least little bit over his antics or considered it rude when he bolted to run mid-conversation. They all seemed to really get him as a person, as an autistic person, not just as autistic.

Pretty much... we have been blessed with an awesome family who are aware and are accepting of every single member of this beautiful mess of a family.

and Alex had a great day.


  1. That is amazing. The family is getting it. I am really happy for you, if maybe just a little jealous. ;)

  2. So nice to hear that your unplanned day went well! PEACE

  3. I cried...so happy for you and Alex!! Hope you have many more days like that day!! Maybe Jake will too!! :-)

  4. i absolutely love this. i love this day. love!