Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fun- a collection of photos

Dying Eggs

 You shoulda seen the look on Daddy's face when he found out
we don't use egg scoopers :)

 and if you think the finger dyed eggs was a shock,
you should have seen when Alex started licking eggs!

 See the hair in the pony tail?

Clean Up
 Just plain shaving cream. It even works on red Kool-Aid, floors and tables.
Just so you know.
Waiting for the kids to sleep and the Easter Bunny to come...
Easter Morning
"Woman, get that camera out of my face."
 Waiting for Walter and Cruella to finish re-hiding the eggs
in the living room to buy us some time.

I am completely corrupting this child-
yes, those are duck lips.
 ...and she's loving it. :)
Egg Hunt

Play Time!

 muddy feet on the sister?
 The cooks.
(I was banned from the kitchen. Food snobs. :P )
 Alex. On the trampoline. The BIG one. Yeah.
Kids are kids.
They are dirty and noisy and wild and can destroy any area in no time flat.
Kids wash, houses can be cleaned...
these moments, these memories are something to be cherished.
Lighten up and enjoy it.

The End.


  1. You find a lot of joy in your chaos, don't you? Thanks for sharing it. It reminds me...reminds me to not be such a catastophist.

    1. I do! There are a lot of days that are just plain hard. Remembering to appreciate WHY they are hard helps a lot. The why makes it all worth it. :)