Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autism Awareness Month- My Plan

For Autism Awareness month, I will do...





I am doing nothing extra. Well, April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, I will wear blue, my boys will wear blue, my nieces and nephew will wear blue (here's why we wear blue) and I will celebrate the day loud enough that the neighbors' neighbors will hear it. I will hype my kids up and dance for Alex, telling him how great this day is and how it's all about celebrating the perfection of who he is but online... eh. No, thanks. 

Everyone I know knows my boy has autism. They're aware. and the important ones go beyond acceptance to adoration. Everyone who reads my blog already knows Alex is autistic. Everyone on my page loves someone with autism. Why do I need to tell people who live with autism that autism exists? I'm already doing what I need to be doing so that's what I will continue to do throughout the month of April. I will let Alex raise autism awareness by being his autistic self and by living our life as normally as we are capable of living ;)

The autism awareness raising will take place more on our profiles and in our personal lives than on my page or blog. You reach people I don't have access to. You reach friends and family who have not yet been touched by autism or are on the fringes of your lives. To tell them that autism exists is a good start, to give them information is even better, and to share our day to day lives with them is even better than even better. Not only the joys, not just the challenges, but the whole reality that is a mixed up, mashed-up, beautiful mess of a life. That's where the autism bloggers come in.

I write our daily reality, you read it and if you strongly agree or strongly disagree, you respond and share my (generalized to include all other autism blogs) post with your own thoughts attached. Other people see and hear your thoughts and possibly read it themselves and come away with a better understanding of autism told right or autism told wrong and how these posts relate to your child and your lives.

So, online, I'm already doing what I need to be doing and that's what I will continue to do throughout the month of April as my part in raising awareness and asking for acceptance for people with autism. The rest is up to you.



  1. GO BLUE every day!! I intend to shake James up, set him free and see what happens!! PEACE

  2. Me too! I haven't even done an autism awareness blog post yet but I am doing a 5k race this weekend for autism. My son could care less about all this awareness stuff or my blog. I do think April Autism Awareness month is a good thing because it brings awareness to the people who aren't touched by autism every single day. Maybe some of those people will take action to help provide programs, etc. for people with autism and their parents. One can only hope!

  3. I don't have anyone in family with autism. I do remember a boy that used to ride my school bus years ago that was autistic. I so admired one older girl that helped him make the daily trek from the safety of his home to school and back. There were no special buses then, so many kids, not understanding, were cruel to him. Those acts never made sense to me. You could see his joy, his wonderment, and his desire to understand all, and at times, his frustration seemed to come forward. Yet, he always had a smile. That was 45 years ago, and he still touches my heart. For everyone that has a remarkable youngster like "Tony", I wish you continued patience, joy, and much love. I know that's what Tony would have wished to all, had he been able to express himself better. Strong post!