Saturday, April 20, 2013

Alex's Adventures in Finding Autism Friendly Eyeglasses

Alex doesn't like glasses.

He does not like anything that comes anywhere near his face that is not going in his mouth. This means he's pretty rough on glasses, we spend as much time fixing them as he spends wearing them.

This time, I'm going to think things through before just grabbing any old pair. I'm going to think about the problems he has with them and what we can do in choosing the glasses to make them more comfortable for him.

 The first place we went was Wal-Mart because who doesn't go to Wal-Mart for glasses, right? We didn't stay there long. That cute face to the left says it all, doesn't it? He thinks he's a hoot.

 Next, we went to Clarkson Eye Care at 55 and Butler Hill.

The people were amazing. I was too busy with the very disgusted child to catch any names but they were awesome! One of the perks of having an obviously autistic child is the complete lack of judgmental looks from fellow customers and the people who work with him work with him instead of making him work with them. Or, that could have just been the lady fitting him... Either way, that's a good place to take your kids if you are close enough.

Option #3
Option #1
Option #2

We're both trying here. He's being so patient. He did throw his toy- in the general direction of a lady, not really at her, take his shoes off- many times, vocal stim- loudly, and try to drop and elope but he's not fighting mad. No blood or tears were shed. He's bored and annoyed and really not liking having so many people touch his face but he put up with it. and then, my husband asked about sports glasses. Maybe sports glasses would be strong enough to withstand his abuse. The woman looks at him, looks at Alex, looks back up and says... I have just the thing.

Miraflex rubber glasses
Rubber. Glasses.
...with a strap!!!
Uh, a different color. Not purple.


  1. A friend has the same ones for all her quads. They are adorable!!! These are what Liam will be getting within the next year or so according to his eye dr. Alex looks adorable!

  2. Alex looks so cute in glasses! I love it!

  3. Great Glasses!! So Cute on your little man!! PEACE

  4. And what is wrong with PURPLE???? teehee!
    My son just got his new glasses at Walmart and loves them (he is 20 NT) and as soon as insurance reimburses me I will be getting my new PURPLE (hopefully) glasses at Walmart. My eyes were dialated when I was looking and my new prescription is stronger so hopefully when I go back I will actually be able to see to pick out nice ones. Who knew they made rubber glasses! Way to go inventors of glasses!!

    1. Wal-Mart is great for glasses if the people who wear them aren't destructive ;) I can't wait to see your new glasses- I will be watching for them :)