Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sister's Birthday Party.

You know we had a party planned. Well, "planned" may be a bit of a stretch but we at least knew it would be happening. My brother picked up 3 packages of balloons on his way home from work because the girl is a hardcore balloon addict. no kidding. and, no kidding on the 3 freakin' packages!!! The man is trying to kill me, I think. But they were blown up. and the kids loved them, especially the girl.

She loved the kitchen,

She loved kicking the balloons around,

She loved wrestling with the boys,

She loved wallowing in the oh so lovely balloons,

Look! Alex touched his sister! Willingly! Without hurting her!
...the tattoos may have played a part in that but whatever.

She all around had a good time in the "Balloon Pit".

While Alex found a spot he refused to leave...

It didn't matter what was happening around him...

He was focused.

Not gonna move. Barely breathing. Didn't even need a break all night long. 

Captivated. Charmed.
...I believe my boy in head over heels in puppy love.

Cake is always an event.
especially when it's a chaotic mixture of small hyperactive and overgrown rambunctious boys :)

Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Girl!



  1. Looks like everyone had a blast! Happy birthday, Sister!

  2. How cool! The balloon pit is a great idea!!! Happy Birthday pretty girl!

  3. Awwww, Happy Birthday!!! I love the pictures!

  4. What a fun looking party! Just go with what will be loved and forget all of the crazy expensive stuff. 3 packs of balloons cost less than a cup of coffee!! Loved the pictures!!

  5. Looks like everyone was having a great time! Loved the balloon pit. Happy Birthday Alex's sister!