Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I blame March. because March sucks.

I haven't blogged in a few days and I am sorry for that. I've been a little bit busy.

This weekend, I spent some time on Alex's lists for his IEP. I straightened up his goal list, made a list of his strengths, and the list of his interests that his SLP asked for to keep him motivated at school. I'll have that post for you soon to show how I decided which goals *I* wanted. I figure the schools focus on school stuff and I focus on parent stuff. Team. That means each person has their part to play and I don't need to tell them what they need, I need to tell them what I want. Those lists are done! Yay for productivity and another item checked off.

I e-mail chatted with his school social worker about the lists and such and she invited me to the school Talent Show. Um, no. Thanks, but no thanks. Not that I don't want to go but... Alex won't let me. Then I was thinking... we've been pushing him a lot lately. making him try new things. and he's done well, I'll tell you about Sister's party soon, too. Maybe it's time to try. I e-mailed his teacher to see what she thought because with the change assemblies bring, it's hard enough. I don't want to add to that if he's already struggling. His teacher sent me back an e-mail that melted my heart and gave me... hope. She wants to work together to get me into the school and help Alex be ok with it. She has a good plan. and I want to try. It's up to Alex but we can try.

I started the rough outline of my list of questions for the Goofy one's Parent/Teacher conference. I e-mailed his teacher that he upped his dose of Concerta for the ADHD so she would have a definite point in time to start paying attention to changes so I can ask about them at the conference. I'm excited about the report I already got back. The information isn't exactly accurate but it's a good starting point and I'm adding a few more questions to my rough outline. Eventually I'll actually get to the actual questions.

Walter's math teacher e-mailed me. He's missing 6 of the last 7 assignments. By the time he got home, I was mad. I read him the e-mail, he says, "I know, I was going to tell you." "Boy, hand over that report card." While he's digging it out, I'm thinking about the next 6 weeks and what I have to do to get my frickin point across that this is not acceptable. I'm not looking forward to 6 weeks with a pre-teen who has no phone and isn't allowed to leave the house without his Mommy and that just ticks me off even more because I get punished right along with him because he decides not to do his work- Not ability, willingness. Looking at the report card, I breathe a huge sigh of relief. Not 6 weeks of hell. He brought every grade up to C and above. Now, he just has no phone and isn't allowed to leave the house without his Mommy until all 6 assignments are turned in- with acceptable effort. His teacher agreed to e-mail me back when they are turned in. I love that woman. and Walter has his warning for the next report card. So, Woo!

Over the weekend, Thing2's friend asked for a ride home because he didn't "feel good". Now, when someone in my house "don't feel good", I always ask what exactly "don't feel good" means. Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in prepping for the month and my lists and lists of lists, I couldn't care less. I just took the boy home. Last night, after Sister's party, I found out the hard way what "don't feel good" means when the Goofy One bolted for the bathroom out of a dead sleep and emptied the contents of his stomach. and then my husband found out when he cleaned it up, Walter found out when he cleaned it up (God, I love those guys), and then when Walter woke me up around 4, I found out again with the Goofy one and a second victim- Alex. *sigh*

Then it turns out that their sickness, as nasty as it is, was a blessing in disguise because as much of and as quickly as this white crap is falling out of the sky, I'd be a freakin wreck until they got home. and, as much of and as quickly as this white crap is falling out of the sky, I'm pretty sure Alex's Mommy is going to reschedule Alex's Sister's Eye Doctor appointment. Thank God for small favors. Uhg. Eye Doctor. Goofy's Optometrist appointment is the same day as Alex's Talent Show. Now, ain't that just a kick in the head?

And now, *sigh*, and now to go wage my war on virus filth.


  1. What a lovely season it's been for snow and sickness. I wish I could hibernate. Hope the virus is the short term kind, and it doesn't spread any further.

  2. So sorry to hear of the illness but incredible that you got a lot of your lists done!! I have to work on James's for his IEP coming up in a few weeks. PEACE