Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guest Post: NightFood

Today's guest post is from Sean, the creator of NightFood. You can learn more about Sean and NightFood over at, and by contributing to the indiegogo project in any way you can, whether it's donating a dollar or two or sharing the link, you will soon be able to find NightFood in all of your local stores. NightFood was originally created for adults with sleeping difficulties but Sean reached out to me when he learned that some NightFood customers were finding success giving NightFood to their kids, in place of the Melatonin they were already taking- Every month, he gives away 3 boxes to one of his lucky Facebook fans. If you want to win, just like NightFood on Facebook.

I, personally, am interested in NightFood because Alex's pediatrician has recommended Melatonin and the Melatonin in NightFood is a low dose (1.5 mg), the Chocamine is a cocoa extract, not actual chocolate(important to me because of Alex's problem digesting chocolate), plus I've told you before about Alex's problems with the interoceptive sense which has him always feeling hungry so this would be a great bed time snack for Alex who has occasional trouble falling asleep and wakes up in the night due to hunger.


It’s no secret that most kids on the autism spectrum struggle with sleep. If you’re reading this through bleary eyes, you know what I’m talking about.

When we manufactured our first batch of NightFood nutrition bars, we weren’t thinking about kids on the spectrum as a potential market. What we found after a year or so is that several of our regular customers actually buy the bars for their kids so they can get better sleep every night.

When we looked into it further, we found that many doctors recommend the popular sleep aid melatonin for their young patients with autism. Of course, our bars contain melatonin (1.5mg per bar). Also, many experts recommend a small snack as part of the bedtime routine, especially for kids on the spectrum. NightFood fits that description perfectly…it’s a delicious, convenient, snack. Although only 150 calories, the bars are formulated with ingredients to satisfy cravings, tackle hunger, help you fall asleep more easily, and sleep better throughout the night.

The kids love the bars, and they’re better than many other convenient options (such as sugary breakfast cereals, cookies, and the like).

If you have a child that struggles with sleep, and your doctor is OK with them taking low doses of melatonin, why not try NightFood in your house? Imagine what it would be like to make bedtime just a little easier and get better sleep for the whole family every night.

Oh, by the way, the bars are not just for kids. Parents can enjoy them too during TV or computer time after the little ones are finally asleep! We all know that better sleep makes for better parents!

Right now, you can get a special offer for parents of kids on the spectrum…check it out.

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