Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last night, the kids all waited with bated breath, watching the news for school closings. Each time they rolled around and their schools weren't listed increased the anticipation, the danger of possibly not being on the list. That occupied them for a time, and the adults as well. My brother was on the edge of his seat, Alex's Mommy calling like crazy, everyone trying to update me because they know the news gives me nightmares.  So, of course, when I got the phone calls notifying me that schools were closed, you can bet your bottom I didn't tell a single one of the little devils ;)

This morning, I thought I would sleep in and then we'd do something. Little did I know that 7:30 was as much of "sleeping in" that would be allowed and the "something" would be the apocalypse.

I should have known. Should have seen it coming as soon as my brother came to me last night looking for band aids for 2 small, screaming boys with blood gushing down their fingers, hands, arms...soaking their shirts- 1 white shirt and 1 brand spanking new sweat shirt. I am not happy. The Little D pushed the hamster too far and Goofy tried to defend his cousin by "punching" the hamster with his finger. I'm considering taking back the "brilliant" word I use to describe the Sons of Satan.

But, foolishly, I thought that was as bad as it was going to be and the SNOW DAY!!! would be freakin' awesome. We would do fun things and hang out and watch the winter storm... hell, I don't know what we were going to do. I planned on winging it. (because that always works well.) but it was going to be fabulous.

"Fabulous" is not a pack of rabid wolves fighting over a hunk of meat. but that's what happened. So I, being the alpha (*snicker*), called a halt to the shenanigans. They cleaned the living room and their room. By the time they were done, I thought all was under control.


They set off the smoke detector. without smoke. who knew that was even possible?

Alex ran out the unlocked back door in his diaper and fell in the icy snow.

There was much screaming, crying, and howling at the ceiling fan (I kid you not).

Bouncing around, jumping off of furniture, running inside, throwing things- mostly at each other. Humming, running, spinning, jumping. wedgies, wresting, throwing things- mostly at each other. loud music, loud TVs, loud children (I swear I medicated them), driving me flipping insane with their inability to get along.

Then Thing1 showed up with a cappuccino. "I knew it was a snow day and thought you could use this with all these kids." I. Love. Him. so much.

I danced with Alex at his request of "da? da?". As soon as I dropped to the floor, defenceless as I waited for the room to stop it's violent spinning, Alex attacked me! He jumped on top of me, laughing like a crazy man and bit my face! I think it was supposed to be a kiss. but still, there were teeth involved. I call that a bite.

Skipping, headbutting, kicking, stomping, laying in the floor and tripping the runner who retaliated with "EEEEEEEYA! EEEEEEEYA!" and galloping to his room just to come back and open the microwave- open, shut, open, shut, open, shut.

and then, they wore themselves out. They backed away to their separate corners to rest and regroup before attacking again...

It's looking like there may not be school tomorrow. 2 4 day weekends in a row? I think I might cry. I miss school. I love school.

Dear School,
I will never take you for granted again... (by "never", I mean this week... maybe next week too.) I will appreciate you. I will treasure you. I will be thankful that you are willing (or required by law, but whatever) to take my children for 4-8 hours every week day and I will never nitpick the way you decide to handle the demon spawns when you have them... (again, by "never", I mean this week... maybe next week too.) (but then again, the way the crying just started up again, I may really mean "never")

Dear Snow/Ice,
You suck. You could at least have the decency to stay off the roads.
No Love,


  1. Snow days were great as a kid, but only when I became a parent did I realize things can be tough when everyone's locked inside. Hopefully there's school tomorrow.

  2. Wow!! And I was really missing snow days! I grew up in Massachusetts and snow days were a wonderful thing! Sorry I don't have a fax # or you could fax some of your kids here so they can use the trampoline in the back or run in the sun. Poor Alex! Was he a Popsicle when you got him out of the snow? I hate being cold!!!

  3. Your optimism was admirable, but really, you know those kids, right? ;) Thing one is a hero. Can he bring me a cappuccino? We have been sick for a week. 5 stinking days off school. 5 days of snotty weekend. How do the kids maintain this much energy? Glad you survived.

  4. Glad you survived! Hope you have school tomorrow. I've already been hearing about cancellations from other friends in your area, so you may not get lucky this time. :( Maybe tomorrow will be a better day... <3

  5. there is no love button so that's my comment <3 you!