Monday, February 4, 2013

Let the wild rumpus start!!!

 There is so much to tell you I just don't even know where to start! I could tell you about when we went to Wal-Mart and by the time we get to the check out line I'm promising that Goofy child of mine if he doesn't get his butt over by us I will duct tape him to the cart.

Or when I walk to the living room doorway and glance at the TV and see mostly naked women doing impressive things with a pole. I slowly turn my head to look at the person watching... "Mom, it's not..." *raised eyebrows* Walter: shuts mouth and turns channel.

Or when my brother lost the Goofy one in Chuck E Cheese for 9 minutes because the effing child doesn't listen.

Or when my husband decided to get Walter the hamster he's been begging us for for years, except we forgot neither one of us like to touch the bitey little things and they they put him in a cardboard box. CARDBOARD. and he PEED ON ME!!! and THEN chewed his way out of the box! out. of. the. box!

Or when the Tiniest Supervillain aided in the escape from Hamster Alcatraz and *I* had to pick the little ball of toothy fur up.

Or when the Tiniest Supervillain and the Goofy one tried to flood the bathroom.

Or when Walter choke slammed the Goofy one- from. top. bunk.

Or when all of the little ones minus Alex plus my brother were hooting and hollaring and jostling for a view of the turtle chowing down on live fish. ...which I must admit was part of the reason we got the fish.

Or, I could just share these...


  1. I do envy you the excitement and glamour of your life :) and the pics of your entourage too.

  2. LOVED Hamster Alcatraz. We don't "do" rodents any longer. (1) I hate them. (2) Morgan had one that he closed up in the top of its cage and forgot. I kept feeding the thing, ya know, downstairs?... it DIED. He FREAKED. No more rodents.

  3. Usually it's impolite to skim blogs, but I think with yours , at least this particular post, it might have actually added to the experience. "naked women doing impressive things with a pole" "CARDBOARD. and he PEED ON ME!!!" I don't know, I just feel like you could stitch together random phrases into a kickass haiku.

  4. NOICE! (that's bec-speak for Nice)

  5. Glad to see things are all back to normal!!