Sunday, February 10, 2013

Keeping me on my toes.

Two of the numerous F5s that tore through here last week went home Friday night (those two being the Little Dementor and the Tiniest Supervillain) leaving a trail of unimaginable destruction in their wake...

Trust me, you don't want to see the rest. While trying to clean that up, kids ran wild and Alex, looking to get a giggle, threw the hamster cage in the floor. The hamster survived, all of the bits inside the cage went flying like someone busting open a shaken up soda can. All evening I'd start something and they'd hit somewhere else. I never could get a darned thing done.

So yesterday morning after my husband left for work and there was suddenly this stillness in the house, this quiet contentment amongst the kids to sit around doing nothing but watch TV quietly... I was in heaven. I felt bad that I've been neglecting my page, either I'm too busy to tell you what the hellions are up to or it's so still that there's nothing to report but man, that stillness was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life!!!! I grabbed my coffee and sat in my chair with a smile to tell you about it.

...and jinxed myself.

You know how they talk about the calm before the storm? How they describe the eerie quiet, the spooky, unnatural stillness seconds before the tornado comes ripping and roaring through? They tell it true, man.

As soon as I hit "publish", I mean the split second I took my finger off of the button, the Goofy one comes in crying. His brother won't play with him. fine. Play with Alex. "But Alex won't talk. and he just walks away. I don't want to play with someone who just walks away." just then, Alex walked away. Right straight over to a twisty tied 5 lb bag of dry beans. He shook it good, busted it open and threw it down the stairs. followed quickly by the rest of the box of things waiting to be put away.

I'm trying to get Alex calmed down, I walk him to his room so he can be alone with his things, I can find the vacuum cleaner and get it cleaned up without him taking off on me and on the way...

find out someone had a little trouble with the toilet.

Can't find the carpet cleaner anywhere, only to remember that my husband mentioned Thing1 wanting to borrow it. I text Thing1...nothing. Crap. I text my husband, cussing all the way just to be clear on exactly how happy I am about having to clean this freezing cold mess up with a mop and my socks because my shoes have holes all in them when I really don't even want to consider exactly what stopped the toilet up. and the fact that as long as it's taking me to throw my fit and clean this (probably literal) crap up with a mop, all of that water is leaking into the basement all over clothes because we need to caulk where the floor meets the wall. I get done cleaning it up and I am texting my siblings and my friends that in moments like these I really want to go hug my parents and tell them how freakin' sorry I am for all of my previous years, when my husband calls me. The carpet cleaner is in the basement. He just forgot to put it back where it belonged.

The Goofy one is having trouble with the computer. Since I changed all of the settings, I have to be there to help him get where he needs to go and to redo add ons and such. It's a pain in the you-know-what. He's being a pain in the you-know-what. and I'm still not pleased that he threw every single one of my micro SD card adapters and my flash drive in my coffee. Granted, he didn't know it was the wrong cup, it looked like the right cup and it was sitting in the right place but I don't know that I want this child anywhere near my table but he won't stop begging!

Then Thing2 comes home...

 What can be more wonderful than brothers?

...unless you want to add in a sister?

She's loving the "mouse" and wants to hold it the whole time she's here. When it's time to go, she doesn't want to leave. I promise her a trip to the library Wednesday- story time or no story time- and she's happy. She knows she'll be back. She knows she will see the "mouse" again. ...and I think maybe we just found a name for the hamster. While they were here, Mommy started talking birthday parties (plural). but that's a conversation for another day.

Whether it's the kids or family members, neighbors, or other parents... they keep me guessing, keep me on my toes, surprising me with new challenges and new ways of working together. Pushing me to be more than I was yesterday. the good and the bad all tangled together until you can't tell one from the other, making me into a new, stronger, more resilient, more capable person than the one I started out being. Every day, growing and evolving into a new person.

"I can't go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then." -Alice


  1. Just another day I guess. I am so sorry!!!! James and Brian spent the night at Papa's house and the house is eerily quiet but in a good way. Just me and Charlotte to share some mom and daughter time catching up on the 2 hour season premier of TOUCH. PEACE and I mean in the good way not the way that sends chills through your body wondering what and who is going to explode!!

  2. Oh the inHUMANITY!!!!sides hurts from laughing :)This too shall pass lol gotta love it.Uncle has a favorite phrase."you know what I like about the mess?...the mess...

  3. I read your posts and just...Listen, I almost just lost it cuz my daughter was POUTY while I was teaching her to sew. How...can you direct me to a post or two (I'm new here) that maybe talks about how you keep from feeling unbearably put upon or enraged you cope? And if there aren't any will you write one?

    1. Therese, yes. Let me think on it, I'll look through what I have and if nothing really spells it out, I'll definitely write something on it. Pretty much, you have 2 choices- laugh or cry.

      Here's a good place to start-

  4. Talk about juggling. That's usually how it happens though isn't it? Just when I think it's safe to sit down and relax, something happens, but not like in your post. So let me commend you for making it through the obstacle course at your house. And it's good to see you made it.