Friday, February 1, 2013

Have you lost your muchness?

 Beth: "Muchness is knowing that whatever life throws at you, you will survive. It's being able to pick up the shattered pieces of your soul and put them back together, stronger than you ever thought possible." 

This quote has been in my head for days. round and round, over and over, a looping loop and I didn't know why. Yes, it's my favorite quote ever. Yes, it speaks to me. Yes, it's relevant to my life. Yes, it's my battle cry. But, why? There is something there calling me. Something just out of reach begging for me to grab ahold. but...what?

Yesterday, during a conversation about the necessity of nonsense and favorite movie quotes, Autism Art Project shot out quotes that clicked it right into place. It's that moment. That moment between being told that she's lost her muchness and the point she defies that loss with proof that she is just as "much more muchier" as she was before.

It's the moment she realizes and proclaims her right to be in charge of her life. It's that moment just before the moment she understands that the 6 impossible things she thought were impossible really were only impossible if she believed them to be and that she was capable of greatness.

It's the moment when she knows muchness is not in how loud you shriek or the petulance of the demands you make. Muchness is an inner strength. certainty, determination, perseverance, the willingness to do what you must do and the knowledge that you can. a knowing of who you are and what you stand for. it's believing in yourself, your abilities. being confident enough in your motives, your ideals, your cause, to keep taking step after step to get to where you're going. and in that moment when she stood tall and declared herself to be the maker of her own path, the decider of her own future, she claimed her muchness as her own and transformed from an uncertain and confused girl into someone who could do the impossible.

I am standing here with my feet planted, my shoulders back, and I am telling you, "This is MY dream! I'll decide where it goes from here."

What about you? Are you standing? or are you allowing yourself to be led down paths that are not your own?


  1. Gotta get my hiking boots on. This could be an interesting exercise in trail breaking :)

  2. sometimes.. sometimes i feel like i am being led down multiple paths. i need to remember my destination... my journey. for mine is the one i know best - i can't be distracted by the 'bunny' on the road.

  3. I am so much muchier than people know. When my muchness is allowed to shine that is when I feel whole!!

  4. Heck no, I make my own paths, for others to follow :) I love my muchness and try to let it shine whenever I can.. I also encourage Liam to let his muchness shine too :)