Friday, January 18, 2013

How to make your kids wake up with a smile

"Turn the radio up for that sweet sound..." and I mean blast it. and sing along, dancing like you just don't care. Bonus points if it's an MP3 player and they have no clue what the song should sound like and major bonus points if you can't sing or dance.

That way, when you can't find their missing shoe for nothin' and it's clear it's not where it belongs or anywhere that it does not belong, and believe me, Alex is a master shoe hider and I find his...most of the time. But the Goofy one? Improved on the wild child's game. so you put them on the bus in snow boots- which I get the feeling was the plan all along- and as soon as the bus doors close realize you did not give that wild child his ADHD meds and on your walk home get a text that the original wild child forgot his band t-shirt and needs it for a volley ball game. and you spend the next hour searching for the freakin' shoe and the t-shirt and keep chanting in your head "meds. meds. meds. meds." so you don't forget and then you finally settle for the older child's outgrown shoes even though they are too big after listening to a lecture from your husband on the importance of socks and being directed to where to find a pair for the shoeless goof and realize as the neighbor hollars a greeting as you are getting into the car that you are still in PJs and you're all... *shrugs* ...and leave anyway just to get into the middle school and wonder if maybe you should have went back in to change because the principal is right. there. saying "Hi! How are you?" as if it's an everyday thing to see a grown woman without the sense to get dressed before leaving the house so you leave the t-shirt and the child's name and bolt for the door to get to the next school dreading the need to explain why your shoeless, sockless child needs to finish getting dressed in the nurse's office on top of forgetting (again) to give him meds and finding out that there is no school on Monday or Tuesday... all before 10am or a second cup of coffee... it's not such a big deal. because your sweet baby woke up with a smile :)


  1. I love morning smiles because they are "just because" smiles not "give me" or "don't find out what I just did" smiles. They are pure and precious! Smile on Mama!!!