Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Let it be Christmas...

Let me start by saying that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. and in this family, we don't do anything halfway so when I say went wrong, I mean went wrong. Christmas Eve, I had a list and I was determined that we were going to do every flippin thing on that list and this was going to be the Best Christmas Ever. We were going to get the house cleaned during the day so that I wasn't up all night giving my husband his annual gift of a seriously scrubbed house and then we were going to make cookies for Santa and Alex was going to get to help and I bought extra mix so that he could lick whatever the heck he wanted to lick and not have it "ruin" Santa's cookies. after that, when Dad got home, we were going to see Christmas lights and then pile up in Mama's room to watch a Christmas classic. It was going to be epic. and the kids would never forget this Christmas as long as they live.

Not so much. I couldn't get the house cleaned. I'd clean, they'd mess. I tried to get them to help and the goofy child opted to take the coal instead of cleaning. I tried to set up a section of the basement with a table and some broken down office chairs for their new X-Box system to go with Dad's new pool table and was questioned every step of the way because "Dad said..." Boy, I don't care what Dad said. He's not boss, he just thinks he is. 5:30pm, I'm waking the Goofy child up. 6:00 wake the Goofy child up. Now, this is the boy who roams the house all hours of the night playing musical beds. What the hell? We never did get to go see lights because Dad worked late and we ran out of time. 9:30pm Santa's cookies were coming out of the oven. We didn't get to watch a movie because the sound in the TV broke, like the speakers blew or something, and it took too long to get it fixed. By the time bed time rolled around, I was very pleased to have "special coffee".

Christmas morning... Alex woke up with a bloody nose, the kids were crazy hyper, the bacon was burned, batteries were missing, several trips to the gas station to get items that cost 3 times the amount you would pay in a grocery store, several toys came out of the box not working, clothing was the wrong size, Alex spilled his soda all over the both of us... man, the list could go on forever. It just was not a day for ANYTHING to go right! Except the important things. The things that make Christmas... well, Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Making cookies for Santa
I love that Santa knows just what Alex likes-
 no paper, no packages ;)

Good morning!

Santa came!!!

Designated Decoy
 Alex tested, Alex approved.
and no finger prints in the pie :)

 Poor fella. we wore him out.


  1. I love your pics. And every time we plan the perfect Christmas, it often goes wrong. So we dont try for the perfect Christmas anymore, and things workout better. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Jim! Good enough works just as well? I love that concept ;) Merry Christmas, Jim!

  2. Well sweetie you learned a good lesson today....you make plans, god laughs!You have been given a very special job to do it's called MOTHER!It's the hardest job your ever gonna love.I love the way you improvise-keeping Alex from wrecking the pies,That takes initiative,Patience & a whole lotta love....Don't worry about being perfect after all do you think giving birth in a manger would be considered perfect in our times?and yet he is....and we are made in gods' image so i guess if it's good enough for him who are we to question it?Love is the greatest gift to give & receive,if you have that then my dear you are indeed ahead of the game. I love you so much!Your dad would be so proud of you,he always was,so you see you have achieved the perfect Christmas after all.You were all together with love!Merry Christmas Aunt Susan

    1. Oh, You make me cry. I love you so much.

  3. I love a glimpse into other people's Christmas mornings :)

  4. As my Gramma was wont to say "No matter how hard you try for the best Christmas ever, you will never beat the first one. And that involved a baby being born in a barn because they didn't make reservations, and a bunch of high class guests that arrived unexpectedly." Merry Christmas.

  5. Love this so much! The happy faces and the chaos. Love that you still keep on aiming for perfect, keep on making those plans and trying your damn hardest for everyone around you. I just think you're awesome. Happy Christmas!

  6. I am just catching up on Christmas blogs and thanks for sharing your amazingly real Christmas. James hates plans so we tend to catch him unaware. We did Christmas lights on the way home from where ever and Christmas came on the 23rd so we could travel for Christmas this year. No expectations just places to go and people to see. BTW... great pictures!!