Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas: Round 1

Alex isn't going to his Daddy's house this year- they have too much going on, he doesn't like being away from home without me and his brother, sister has special needs and the two of them together are a hand full... take your pick. But, so that he gets a bit of time with Mommy, Daddy and Sister and they get to see him open presents, they came here last night.

One thing I have to say is that they don't just do for Alex. When it comes to siblings, we are of the same mind... a sibling is a sibling. Sister is Alex's sister so that makes her Walter's sister. Thing2 is Alex's brother, that makes him Sister's brother. So, they do for one, they do for all.

The Goofy One... wow. That child takes not understanding social interactions to a whole new level. He's happy to get presents but he's not happy that he *only* got these presents. and he loves his presents, they are exactly what he loves but it's not fair that everyone else (Alex) has more presents even though Alex's presents came from a whole family and Goofy's presents came from Alex's Other Parents. So, there were some embarrassing moments there.

Sister, as usual, was amazing. She got things like lip gloss, finger nail polish and fairy wings. and she loved them :) I love having a little girl to buy for!

Alex loved this train ...

and he tried like hell to get this truck open. He's loving cars lately, pushing them around and spinning the wheels.

Walter loved his presents, of course. and, every year he gets a box of those chocolate candies with the cherries in the middle because he loves them so and every year, he scarfs those puppies down in 3 seconds flat. This year, he shared with his little brother and sister :) My baby's growing up.   

Considering the fact that we were at home and that it was just Mommy, Daddy and Sister, I thought this would be easy for Alex... not so much. He still got overstimulated pretty quick and started throwing toys and running around like a little mad man. He had to take several breaks in his room throughout the evening but he never once refused to come out of his room and try again! woot! Looks like we may be on the right track to learning what he needs the holidays to be and finding a middle ground. That's called progress *smug grin*

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  1. Looks like a wonderful celebration!! We are doing Christmas here with the north family and then driving 8 hours south on Christmas Eve to do another celebration. Talk about over stimulation!! Can't wait for the trip to be over so we can relax and get back to school on the 2nd. Love visiting with family but James is already over stimulated from being on vacation for the past week and we still have 1.5 weeks left. Catch you on the flip side of crazy!!