Friday, November 30, 2012

Walter's Missing Report Card

While cleaning the kitchen today I came across a piece of paper. It was the top portion to Walter's report card that needed to be signed and turned back in. Walter came walking in the door like all was normal and not a thing amiss.

Me: Where's your report card?
Walter: I gave you the slip to sign.
Me: uh-uh. Not signing without a report card.
Walter: *sigh* I don't know where my report card is.
Me: Not my problem.

5 minutes later, Walter comes back with a book in his hand.

Me: Where's your report card?
Walter: I don't know where it is.
Me: Ok, then. (taking his phone hostage) You want the phone, you will bring me the report card.
Walter: Well, if it was in my planner, maybe I accidentally threw it away.
Me: Not my problem. You want the phone, you will figure it out and bring me a report card.

5 minutes later, glancing at the D's and F's,

Me: Ok, then. For the next 6 weeks, until I get a report card with nothing below a C (lowering my standards a bit), you will be going nowhere on a school night.
Walter: Mom! I need help finding my Math notebook!
Me: Not my problem. Not my notebook, not my grade, not my homework, not my responsibility. Put your crap where it belongs and you will know where it's at.

Walter is now sulking.

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  1. I love the system we have here. It is called the Aeries. With this system you can see grades throughout the term, see what assignments have been missed and get report cards online. Hope things get better!