Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just another day in paradise

Calm down, people! I'm getting it :P

Ok, now, where to start...
I woke up, that's always a good place to start. I woke up to find out Thing2 missed his bus and ensuing bickerment. I was trying to explain that I have a lot going on today, I can't just leave right this minute to take him to school, I would get Alex and myself ready then leave a little early to take him in at 9. Since he already missed the bus to Tech, going in at 9 shouldn't be a problem because he won't have any classes until after then anyway. He was trying to explain that he WANTED to go to TECH. Great. I told him I was not taking him to Tech and was trying to explain that I was not taking him to Tech because of the gas. I only have so much gas and I have to drive 15 minutes that way, 15 minutes back this way, 20 minutes to over there, 10 minutes in that direction, 20 minutes back this way and beyond then 10 minutes home. but have you ever tried to "explain" to an ADHD kid? I never finished one thought before he was protesting everything I said then called his Dad to tattle.

I had a "discussion" with Big Daddy over my need for gas and my aversion to running out mid-trip which has happened twice when he told me I had "plenty of gas" to do what I needed to do. and that Mommy may not be my problem but I gave my word, I can't bail on her. and yeah, she has her own car now but doing these things alone sucks. majorly. Especially when you're not sure what's going on. Finish that argument, Thing1 comes up with $4 for gas, I added my change which probably came up to about a dollar. Thing1 took Thing2 to Tech because while I was on the phone "discussing" things with Big Daddy, Goofy started hollaring "ew, Mommy!! He pooped and his pants are down and it's everytheplace!!" Because, you know, that's always a fabulous way to start a very important morning.

So, I get the dirty boy cleaned and in the bath tub, re-lock all the doors and go get our clothes while he's busy in the tub. Shower him, get him ready to go except his shoes, put him in his room to watch TV while I get a shower. Goofy does not want to be left behind and breaks out the big, sad hazel eyes, adorable pout and the "but, Mommy, I want you." Ok, fine- get dressed. give him clothes and get my shower. I hear a small battle being fought in the kitchen between Goofy and his Grandma so I poke my head out the door to add my two cents- "I can deal with PJ pants, but you are not wearing snow boots!" Get out, get make-up on, fix my hair, and I gotta tell you, at that point in time, I started out pretty dashing. But, don't worry. That only lasted through the first appointment (at least, I want to believe it lasted through the first appointment but more than likely not.)

So, anyway, I get out to finish packing the diaper bag and gathering cups and blahblahblah and get a phone call. It's the seating guy telling me he is soooo sorry, he apparently did not make it clear to his assistant that she needed to re-order the same size ez-on vest that they ordered the first time since they shipped the wrong one because she ordered the next size up and he's putting that order in right now and he also saw that our worker requested a quote on the stroller and he is on it. He feels so bad that things have gone so wrong for us and this is his personal cell and if I have anymore trouble just call him. So, woo. one thing down. kinda.

I'm gathering kids and hoping I have everything I need when my brother calls to remind me that I was suppose to print something out for him for work and forgot so I have to call Big Daddy to ask him to print it out when he gets home because I didn't exactly forget, more like tried and failed. I can't work a printer. no excuses. but while I was on the phone with my brother he mentioned Mommy (Alex's StepMom) and Holy Hell, I forgot to call and wake her up! Get off the phone with my brother, call Big Daddy to ask about printing, call Mommy to wake her up, check seatbelts and start the car.

I get to Mommy's and help her get sister loaded up. She looks at me, looks again, looks again... "do you have makeup on?" Yup. IEP meeting. It's a big deal. I need make up for this. It's like my spinach. or at least makes me look like an honest to goodness adult. sort of. Not like yesterday when I went to pick Alex up in a hoody and South Park PJ pants, looking like I just rolled out of bed at 2pm.

Then we go to the doctor to find out there is no physical reason for Alex's crying. No ear infection, sinus infection, canker sores in his throat, no hard belly, no obvious broken bones, it's not teething or growing pains. Let the boy take a nap if he needs one. If all else fails, give him Tylenol. I am not even going into detail with the doctor's appointment but I decided there is no freakin way I'm taking the Goofy child any further.

While we were there, Thing1 texts me wanting to know what time I will be home but I can't text and drive today and I have more pressing matters. I call Mom to beg her to babysit, no begging needed. She figured he'd be back.

I get home, literally drag the Goofy child out of the car kicking and screaming and ask Thing1 what he needed. He has an appointment with the college. Once I leave I realize I didn't answer him or ask what time so I send a text. 2pm, he says. BWAHAHAHA!!! are you serious? No. absolutely not. The IEP meeting doesn't start until 1:30, usually lasts at least an hour and this one is the 3 year eval. so, nope. not going to happen. it took me 3 red lights and a parking lot to get that one message through.

Sister's school eval went pretty well. depending on your point of view. She scored very poorly in all areas, she qualifies for Early Childhood Special Ed, starting next year. Mommy will get an appointment for Sister's IEP meeting sometime within the next 30 days. She will definitely be getting OT, ST, we'll discuss ABA at the IEP meeting and at this point, they don't think she needs PT. and Mommy would like for me to go with her because she's not familiar with the process (wonder why... hm).

After this meeting, Mommy decides it may not be a good idea to go to Alex's IEP meeting (Oooooh. That's right, now I remember why they aren't familiar with the process) Ok. whatever. (should I be shocked or something?) She acts like she feels bad and asks if I'll be ok. Of course, I will. I'm a big girl. I got this. (It wasn't until the words were already out that I heard how they sounded.)

We stopped by the gas station and I didn't object to going in, only because I figured while someone else was in the car with Alex, I could use the bathroom (only downside of coffee). Except I wasn't paying attention to the people around me while I was texting Thing1 that 3:30 for his appointment should be fine, almost walked into 2 people and got lost in the gas station. Figure out where the bathrooms are, almost walk into a lady, finally get back there to see a sign- Please ask attendant for key. Seriously? I don't have time for this. so, I skip the bathroom, get the soda and Gatorade and take Mommy home. She gave me $7 for gas. Took Alex home to get something to eat before the IEP meeting because he missed lunch at school. Get him to school, take him to class and get going with the IEP meeting.

Alex is doing wonderfully. Who did we start with? ABA? They want to change his BIP because a lot of his behaviors have significantly decreased if not disappeared all together. They will keep it in place just in case and to let others be aware that these were concerns. A lot has changed with him since moving classrooms. Wondering if this was the reason for the switch. His old class was full of "movers and shakers", his new class- I'm thinking he's the only "mover and shaker" and he's the only semi-verbal (still non-verbal with self stimulatory/echolalic speech and few meaningful words) kid there. So, it's a calmer environment.

Speech is continuing to work on PECS (of a sort, not really PECS but kind of) but stressing building his verbal vocabulary as well as his picture "vocabulary". Make sense? I'm not sure I'm explaining it well.

and, no, we started with PT. *sigh* he doesn't have PT but I had a question and she came to answer it. and the teacher has a concern about his feet. Not the first to mention it but still a shock to me. I took him to some sort of special foot doctor who gave him AFO's but since we were having so much trouble with them she said it wasn't a big deal because it was cosmetic. Doesn't seem to be so much cosmetic anymore so they would like for their some sort of special foot doctor take a look at him and see what she thinks. YEAH! of course! Go for it! I didn't know it was a problem... So, she'll be looking at him followed by I'm not sure because I kept getting distracted. oh, but she may need a prescription which won't be a problem to get.

OT would like to change his goals to more functional goals. This may be a new OT, I don't know where the skinny blond went or what involvement she had in the first place... But I didn't ask. The new OT has the same idea as the old OT in making his goals more functional. I didn't know he could use special scissors! or a stapler! This boy has me suckered. I would, however, like to keep goals along the lines of crossing midline and getting his hands working together because we've gone as far as we can go in dressing himself until he can do those things. They are going to have him start carrying an empty tray through the lunch line and emptying his tray afterward. She talked about some of his sensory stuff- what works/ what doesn't.

That's all I can remember right now. They gave me tons of info on where to go for various things (have I told you lately how much I love this school?) around St. Louis and will be sending me e-mails to forward to the Regional Center to get stuff Alex needs.

While I'm talking to OT and the teacher, Mom calls to tell me she left the Goofy child with Thing1    O.o!?   areyoufreakincrazy, woman!? I could do an entire blog-series on why Thing1 can't babysit, especially not the Goofy one. Luckily the Goofy child was asleep. but she was taking the Pretty Pretty Princess to get ear drops because her ear was hurting. ... I have 2 bottles Alex won't let me use...

Then while I'm talking with OT about the equipment she plans on recommending for Alex, Big Daddy calls. I don't remember what he needed. I think it had to do with Thing1 getting to the college on time and some work issues not allowing him to get home and get him there (I told Thing1 a few nights ago not to even bother asking to use my car for crap since I "never do anything for him".) I give up on trying to talk, accept what's been said as the answers and head home.

I get out of the school to check the voicemail that was left on my phone at the start of the meeting. It's Goofy's Psychologist office telling me they have to reschedule Monday's ADHD/Asperger's appointment because they never got Goofy's teacher reports and there is no way they can give results without teacher reports. Seriously, man? I call them back to tell them, again, Goofy doesn't have a teacher. or a daycare. or a babysitter. or a preschool. or any sort of professional anything. he has his parents. period. end of sentence. They can reschedule all they want but it's not going to change the fact that they will not get teacher reports. Oh, what a surprise. they were unaware... no they weren't. I told them. but whatever. They're keeping the appointment.

I call Thing1 to tell him to be out front when I get there. He's surprised I'm not going with him. What!? I can't go!! Who would watch the kids? Who would get the kids of the buses? Then he realized his daughter was here and he couldn't leave (also told him to find a new babysitter). Whatever, leave the kid, take the car and go. You're on empty, there's $7 in the ashtray.

TA-DA!! The end. Now for the evening. *sigh*. I need coffee. or mercy. Mercy would be nice...

Oops, I forgot the part where...

... *drum roll* ...


  1. Whew! I'm exhausted! You are one busy lady! Sounds like a good day after all! Awesome for honor roll! You're amazing! Your family is so lucky to have you! I hope you are having a relaxing evening :)

  2. Wow! That was a productively long day! I'm worn out now. Congrats to Walter & I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.:)