Friday, March 2, 2012

Of course my kids are weird...

I get comments every now and then about my kids having "issues" or being "odd" and I just have to say, of course my kids are weird, look at their mother. I'm hoping my confessions don't chase off my readers but... oh, well. To explain my kids' issues, I have to explain my own because I think they've picked up a few from me no matter how I've worked to hide them. Or they've mimicked my actions without understanding the driving force behind them.

I cannot take a shower after dark.

I had to get a clear shower curtain and a non-frosted, curtainless window to be comfortable showering during the day.

I cannot wash my face in the shower because it requires closing your eyes.

I cannot use bubble bath or darkly colored bath salts in my bath because I can't see under the water.

I check inside my bath gloves before I put them on. If I cannot see inside, I won't use them.

Looking in mirrors after dark is avoided because my reflection freaks me out.

I cannot go in the basement unless someone else is home or I panic.

Closing the bathroom door after dark kills me so I hold it for as long as I can then hurry up and get done then wash my hands at the kitchen sink.

I have to turn on my light to get out of bed.

The only time I can sleep in the dark is when Big Daddy is beside me.

When he works late, he's coming home to every light in the house on plus a few TVs.

I shake out all of my clothes and shoes and inspect my socks before I put them on.

The only reason I stopped checking the bed before I get in it is because I don't want Big Daddy making fun of me.

I do not like being home alone. Every once in a while, when I am, I have to go outside to make sure I can still hear cars.

I fully inspect my food to make sure there is nothing that doesn't belong there before I can eat it.

If the food tastes/feels a way I don't think it should, I don't eat it.

I have to look down inside my straw before I can take a drink of my soda.

Cleaning has to be a routine. If something is done out of order, even if someone else is helping, I get scattered and don't know what to do next.

Driving scares me. so I don't unless I have to or I'm in the mood to drive.

People make me uncomfortable so I avoid most everyone.

When I have to talk to unfamiliar people I do more stuttering, smiling and shrugging than talking.

This is a small list of my "issues" that I'm willing to admit to. I have a few phobias and some anxiety issues, you get that. I don't need to go into all the bugs, germs, dirt, public bathrooms, small talk, etc. Well, willing to admit to you guys. Not Big Daddy. he's still making fun of me over the dark and the basement. Not so much the shower since that usually works in his favor (safety in numbers and all). Admitting what you are afraid of is HARD, especially when you care what someone thinks of you. Being "weird" makes you a little insecure because you are always worried that someone will find out. What if they laugh? What if they make fun of you? What if they say mean things that hurt your feelings because the things they are saying, you already feel about yourself because you KNOW your issues are not logical? Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday and I keep seeing this same quote floating around...

“Be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.”

 Then another-

“Today you are You,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is Youer than You.”
- Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a very smart man, you know. It took me a lot of years to understand this, and even now, I'm still learning to apply it. My Grandma once told me- "Every one puts their pants on one leg at a time." This is true too. Everyone has the same need to be accepted as they are, every one has the same fear of not fitting in or being too weird or their nose is too big or they always say the wrong things. Everyone has something about themselves that they wish could be different. But here's a secret that not everyone knows. All of those boys in the locker room... each one is so worried about what all of the other boys think about them that they don't notice anything about the other boys. The kids in class? They are so busy worrying about what the other students think of their answers or their looks or the backpack they are carrying or the jacket they are wearing, they don't notice the individual students. Even in conversation, people are so busy worrying about what they are/have/will say they don't pay much attention to the little dumb things you say. The ones that do notice, the ones that do poke fun are only poking fun of you before you or anyone else sees what they are trying to hide about themselves. Smoke and mirrors, my friend. It's all an illusion.


  1. You're not the only one.....

  2. wow, I'm not the only person who does all that stuff? Except for the cleaning routine, every single thing on that list is 100% me. Hh, and I do use bubble bath and I do bathe after dark. I don't often shower, I take baths instead. My bathroom light stays on all night because if it is off, I cannot even stick my arm through the door to turn it on, I panic.

  3. Love this...I have some of the same little quirks or 'uniquities' (I think I just made that word up! lol) Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Those things are not "normal"?