Friday, May 27, 2016

Alex CAN talk.

I can't sleep, so here I am to ramble my thoughts away. Remember all the times I've been furious with school staff for not believing Alex could talk? And that one time I told you that Alex could me and I had to come to terms with the fact that he is non-verbal and that's just that? Today, I would love to climb to the tallest rooftop and scream "BOO-YAH, BITCHES! I TOLD YOU!" but I like to pretend that I have a little more class than that, even if we all know better.

After 14 years, we're all a bit tired of having food thrown at us at the supper table. Sometimes it's because he can, sometimes it's because the dinner conversation takes an offensive turn, such as the day we were arguing the insult of being gay. Someone, not naming names, defended himself by saying that growing up (as if it were so long ago), "gay" was an acceptable insult. I countered that argument with the argument that growing up (which was so long ago), "retard" was an acceptable insult. Alex's bitching started immediately and people ended up painted with food, even though I did apologize and explain that I only used the word to show the ridiculousness of the argument. Anthony sits to Alex's left, I sit to the right. Anthony gets pelted with food, I get freezing drinks thrown at me (sadly, he's moved on to open cups at the table). On this particular occasion, there was no provocation, he just tossed the scrambled egg and it happened to land in Anthony's plate. Anthony looked at the egg, he looked at Alex, in an annoyed tone, he said, "really?" I said, "Really? Alex is nice enough to share his food with you, he loves you enough to make sure you have enough food on your plate that you don't leave the table hungry and he doesn't even get a thank you!?" Alex didn't even look up from his plate, "you're welcome." I was floored. But, that's just the way things have been going.

My little chatterbox is talking to everyone. Well, everyone may be a stretch. He's talking to everyone he cares to, which finally includes his team...but not the subs. He got in trouble (laughingly) for not talking to his last sub. She took his 1:1 aide's place for part of the day and she didn't get a word out of him until his regular aide caught him in the act. She called him on it, he thought it was the funniest thing ever and started talking to the sub.

Knowing all of this, I had to laugh at him today at his yearly check up. His doctor knows that he's "all there" and is perfectly capable of following the conversation and doctor's orders. He got sick last year, pretty bad. Really bad. Dehydration was the worst of it, he ended up in the ER. We got the usual speech on pushing fluids, and the ER doctor told me not to give him anything red to drink. That led to a fight between me and Alex that his doctor had to settle. She's good at involving him and ever since then is sure to let him know that mama is boss and mama knows what she's doing. She's direct, factual, and respectful. He responds to that. Get to the point and move on. The thing is, we have a new, chatty nurse. She's trying so hard to be friendly and to involve him in our conversation, and he just looks at me with this tortured you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me-make-it-stop look, then a miracle happened- he talked to a new person. "goodbye. we go."